Dozens of Chinese planes invade Taiwanese airspace during military exercises

At least 48 Chinese planes have entered Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the past two days, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Monday, December 26, with military drills in airspace near Taiwan on December 25. “This is a determined response to the current escalation and provocation between the US and Taiwan,” the PLA wrote. “The theater troupes will take all necessary measures to resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said eight planes, one of which flew into Taiwan’s ADIZ, were registered in the airspace around Taiwan as of Sunday. The ministry also spotted three PLA naval ships near the island. On Monday, it said another 71 planes, 47 of which had flown into Taiwan’s ADIZ, had been registered. Seven naval vessels were also seen. Photo credit: Chinese People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater via Storyful

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