Real Life Rapunzel: “Men Desire My Long And Luscious Curls”

A real Rapunzel has shown how men crave her long and luscious locks – some even propose to the blonde bombshell because they are so fascinated by her mane.

Olga Naumova, who is from Moscow, Russia, said she had thin hair as a child and her parents covered it with a babushka headscarf until her locks started to grow thicker.

The model – whose mane is over 5 feet long – says her hair has now become her defining feature and she is overwhelmed by the attention.

“I didn’t know how long my hair was until people started complimenting me,” Naumova told Media Drum. “People started complimenting me everywhere. On streets and public places. Some people even asked to touch my hair or take a picture of me.”

The Russian remembers two incidents in particular that highlighted how her hair had viewers staring in admiration.

“That one time when I was in Thailand, I went around with my hair down,” the beauty recalled. “It’s actually very unusual because I don’t go with my hair down because I find it very impractical. Suddenly a group of 10 people I had just passed started clapping loudly.”

She continued, “I turned to see them clapping for me, giving me thumbs up and ‘Great hair!’ shouted.”

The second case came when Naumova and her boyfriend were vacationing in the Maldives.

“I noticed a German guy staring at me intensely,” the stunner claimed. “I checked my face to see if there was anything wrong with it, but I couldn’t find anything. It wasn’t until the next day when this man approached me and my friend at breakfast that I found out the reason for his staring.”

“He asked my boyfriend for permission to take a picture with me,” she explained. “I was so shocked and couldn’t believe my ears.”

Attention is even more intense online as Naumova amasses a legion of male fans.

“They call me ‘amazing’, ‘wonderful’, ‘fabulous’, ‘a beauty’, ‘beautiful’, ‘unique’ and a ‘Rapunzel,'” the model explained. “Some men comment that they would like to marry me or elope with me.”

All the while, she’s being bombarded with questions about her locks, some asking for her hottest haircare secrets.

But the beauty insists she doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary to maintain her mane, saying: “I use different types of masks and in addition to shampoo I definitely use conditioner otherwise I can’t comb my hair.”

“I can’t say I particularly care,” she cooed in addition. “My hair is nature’s gift to me.”

This article was originally published by the New York Post and is reproduced with permission

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