Blood shortage: Urgent call for donations by the Red Cross nationwide

Australians are being urged to use part of their Christmas holiday period to donate blood as the Red Cross warns of an acute shortage across the country.

The Australian Red Cross Lifeblood requires 1600 donations per day to meet current needs for whole blood, platelets and plasma through January 2nd.

Sixteen blood centers across the country will also keep their doors open on New Year’s Day, at a time when donations traditionally fall after Christmas.

Lifeblood Executive Director of Donor Services, Cath Stone, said while there was a great response to the Christmas “bloodbolt,” thousands more donations were needed.

“These 8,000 blood donors have the potential to help nearly 24,000 Australian patients who are in need of blood products at this time,” Ms Stone said.

“Donating blood takes about an hour, but it’s a gift that will truly transform a patient’s life.”

Serious injuries, surgery, birth complications and cancer treatments are just some of the reasons why an Australian will need a blood donation every 18 seconds for the next week.

This is how many additional donors are needed each day in each state:

ACT: 70

SAT: 8

NSW: 55

TAS: 60

VIC: 600

QLD: 25


To book a donation call on 13 14 95 visit or download the free Donate Blood app.

Originally published as Red Cross desperately pleads for blood donors to avoid national shortage crisis

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