How to prioritize bone health while you’re young

How to prioritize bone health while you’re young. These five tips will help you maintain bone health for life. 1, Prioritize Calcium. Getting enough calcium through your diet is a critical aspect of bone health. When we’re not getting enough, our body uses calcium, which is stored in our bones and reaches a maximum density around age 30. . 2. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D allows the body to absorb calcium from the calcium-rich foods we eat. Dietary supplements can often help to compensate for a lack of vitamin D in the body. 3, Perform weight-bearing activities. Walking is a weight-bearing exercise that builds and maintains strong bones… , Dr. Jeri Nieves, Clinical Epidemiologist, on The New York Times. …and it also increases your muscle strength, coordination and balance, which can help prevent falls and fractures, clinical epidemiologist Jeri Nieves, via The New York Times. 4, Be aware of the risk factors. Drinking excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol is known to decrease bone density. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the likelihood of fractures. 5. Talk to a doctor. If you think you’re at high risk for fractures, talking to a doctor is a good first step in reducing your risk. Everyone has a skeleton. Therefore, everyone should think about their bone health, says Dr. Nicole Wright, epidemiologist, on The New York Times

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