Three girls airlifted to hospital after being stabbed by Irukandji

Three young girls have been flown to a Queensland hospital after suffering what are believed to be jellyfish stings.

Around 11am on Tuesday, a Queensland LifeFlight rescue helicopter attended to an elementary school-age girl who was believed to have been stung by a tiny but very harmful jellyfish.

It is believed that the girl was playing in a popular stream on K’gari (Fraser Island) when she was stung by an irukandji – a miniature jellyfish whose sting is considered a ten out of ten on the pain scale.

The plane pilot was able to land on a sandbar near where the child was stung and she was flown to Hervey Bay Hospital with her father in stable condition.

Later that afternoon, paramedics from the local Queensland Ambulance Service treated two young siblings who had been playing in the water at a well-known stream in the same location.

The two girls, aged five and nine, were suspected to have been stabbed to the upper body by Irukandji.

In some cases, the Irukandji can cause death from cardiac arrest.

After being treated by paramedics, the girls were transported to a helipad on Orchid Beach, where they were then flown to Hervey Bay Hospital in the RACQ LifeFlight helicopter.

They were reportedly in stable condition in hospital along with their mother, who was traveling with them on the rescue plane.

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