Mannum residents have been urged to evacuate as flooding threatens lives and homes

Residents of a South Australian riverside town have been urged to evacuate as flood waters threaten lives and homes.

At 1.30am Thursday, State Emergency Services SA issued an emergency flood warning to residents adjacent to the Mary Ann Reserve in Mannum.

“Flooding is expected to affect the road to your property from Mary Ann Reservation flooding. Due to a failure of the storm water infrastructure, there is a possibility that the levee will fail,” the message reads.

“Regardless of the ability of your property to withstand flood action, chances are you will be flooded too.

“You must enact your flood contingency plan now. If you don’t evacuate, you could be isolated or flooded.”

SES SA said it could become too dangerous for emergency services to help those who are not evacuated.

Residents of the affected area should now leave if they are sure the way to a safer location is clear.

People in the area are also being reminded that if they are unable to find shelter after the evacuation, they can call the SA Relief Information Line on 1800.302.787, where assistance and emergency housing can be arranged.

It comes a day after an emergency alert was also issued for Cowirra over Mannum.

“Flooding is expected to isolate your property within 24 hours due to deterioration and flooding of East Front Road and Hunter Road, Cowirra,” the alert said.

On Thursday morning, SA Premier Peter Malinauskas said the summit is expected to pass through Loxton in the coming week.

The SES estimates that up to 255 companies and 4000 hectares of agricultural land will be flooded.

At least 1,100 properties have been flooded, with that number expected to rise to 4,000 in the coming weeks.

Mr Malinauskas said challenges for the communities of Riverland and Mid-Murray remain, although river levels are beginning to retreat past the summit.

“With the peak expected to pass through Loxton and possibly as far as Morgan in the coming week, we urge people to stay safe, have a plan and listen to the advice of our emergency services,” the Premier said.

SES SA Chief Officer Chris Beattie said SES is working with Mid-Murray Council to repair the broken stormwater pipe in Mannum.

“This flooding at the Mary Ann Reserve will not affect the other levee systems that protect the community,” Mr Beattie said.

“More broadly, people should continue to prepare for floods, enact their contingency plan and consider leaving before flood peaks arrive.

“Finding a safe route is important as road and ferry closures could affect their ability to exit the area safely.”

Originally posted when Mannum locals were urged to evacuate as flooding threatens their homes

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