Use Norad Santa Claus tracker to follow Santa Claus

Did you know that you can track Santa’s whereabouts before Christmas as he travels around the world? True story!

Santa Claus is said to start delivering presents on December 24th, and he only has one day to traverse the entire planet.

How to “track” Santa’s live location online.

Norad’s Santa Tracker

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) may be a staid bi-national military command responsible for overseeing aerospace, but once a year it also goes after Santa Claus.

In fact, Norad — and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (Conad) — have followed Mr. Claus’ annual voyage for more than sixty years.

LIVE: Track Santa’s “location”.

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Norad said, “While our mission of aerospace warning and control and 24-hour maritime alert continues, we are preparing for our additional mission on December 24…the pursuit of Santa Claus.”

The annual tradition of tracking down Santa Claus began in 1955, all thanks to a hopeful little child who dialed the wrong number.

When Norad was still Conad, US Air Force Colonel Harry Shoup took a call only to find a kid on the other end of the line asking about Santa Claus.

It started with a wrong number

How did that happen I hear you ask?

A Sears advertisement published in 1955 invited children to get in touch with Santa by “calling him directly.”

“Call me on my private phone and I’ll speak to you personally anytime, day or night, or come and see me at Sears Toyland.”

Thus began Norad’s tradition of tracking down Santa Claus when a child misdialed the number and accidentally spoke to a colonel at a top-secret US facility.

Where Santa Claus
Sear ad from 1955.

Colonel Harry Shoup, who answered the first call, went a step further and made Santa Claus accessible to other children (of all ages, of course).

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where is santa claus now

To this day, Norad tracks down Santa Claus and his reindeer every year, and it has now become a popular Christmas tradition for families around the world.

Additionally, children in the United States can still call 1-877 HI-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) and speak to Norad staff about Santa’s exact whereabouts.

Curious to see where Santa Claus is right now? At the time of publication, Santa had just passed North Korea and was on his way to China.

Track his movements on Norad’s Santa Tracker.

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