Weather Australia: Possible tropical cyclone as revelers prepare for New Year’s Eve

Some New Year’s Eve events could be in jeopardy due to expected heavy rains, but most parts of Australia will have clear and dry night skies as revelers ring in 2023.

Flooding precipitation will continue in northern WA and NT as ex-tropical Cyclone Ellie continues to linger over the northwest, with Broome expecting up to 70mm of rainfall on Saturday, while more than 300mm for the storm’s “bullseye” in the city’s northeast to be predicted .

Sky News weather forecaster Rob Sharpe said the earlier cyclone, which was downgraded to a tropical low, will remain “in much the same place” for the next few days.

“The north-west heat pattern is being driven in part by the approaching extropical cyclone Ellie, which is helping to push those south-east winds and their heat up to the north-west coast,” Mr Sharpe said.

“Flood precipitation is very likely through the WA Kimberley, mainly east of Broome and west of Kununurra.

“It’s quite uncertain what happens to (Ellie) and that has an impact on what happens further east.”

Darwin is likely to be affected by the system, with 25mm to 80mm of rain forecast, the heaviest of these falls occurring around the Cox Peninsula, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

A high temperature of 31C is forecast in Darwin every day from Friday to next Thursday.

The Gulf of Carpentaria could have its own storm activity, Mr Sharpe said.

“The monsoon is also active in the Gulf of Carpentaria, where there is a low risk of a tropical cyclone forming early in the New Year,” he said.

The system in WA being too strong would mean we cannot see a cyclone developing in that region.

“Rain is likely to increase across Queensland, we could end up with some heavy falls at times, particularly mid to late next week in many parts of eastern and northern Queensland.”

Brisbane is currently forecast for a clear night with very light winds for New Year’s Eve and a maximum temperature of 28C.

Similar conditions will prevail in the Queensland capital during the first week of 2023, although there is a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning and early afternoon on New Year’s Day.

Sydney should also have clear conditions with a high of 27C on Saturday night despite early showers.

Most residents in larger cities other than Darwin would encounter great New Year’s Eve celebration weather, Mr Sharpe said.

“Showers will increase along the East Coast on Friday, the bit of extra wet weather easing as we head into New Year’s Eve,” he said.

“On New Year’s Eve there will most likely be showers along the coast, in the afternoon mostly inland and in the evening there will be little, so it’s looking pretty good for the fireworks.

“We will then see this next southerly change moving up the NSW coast and it’s looking even wetter than the current one that’s going through, so around mid-week.”

Up to 5mm of rain could fall in Canberra on Saturday, with a medium chance of afternoon and early evening showers, the bureau said.

The nation’s capital will see a balmy high of 26C, with winds abating in time for the evening’s celebrations.

Melbourne also has a moderate chance of showers and thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon, concentrated in the northern and eastern suburbs, but conditions are expected to calm down later in the day as mercury is expected to rise to 29C.

New Year’s Day in Melbourne could be a stinker as a maximum of 35C is currently expected.

Tasmanians will enjoy mostly dry conditions, with Hobart hitting 26C on Saturday and only a slight chance of a shower.

Melbourne and Hobart both face a cool change of pace that will run through late Monday through Tuesday.

Adelaide will be bone dry at the start of 2023, with a maximum of 31°C on Saturday and a rise to 36°C on New Year’s Day.

Weather will cool slightly from Tuesday but conditions remain sunny with temperatures in the mid 20’s.

Perth will not be affected by the wild weather system in northern WA, with a sunny day of 27C for Saturday and a crisp 30C expected for Sunday.

The weather will heat up throughout the week, peaking on Wednesday with a forecast maximum of 39C.

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