Tasmanian devil in Hobart home mistaken for dog toy

A Hobart family was shocked to find an iconic local in their suburban home after mistaking him for a toy.

Late Wednesday night, resident Kirsten Lynch was alerted by a “strange barking” from her golden retriever puppy.

As she went downstairs to investigate, she began to wonder where she got a dog toy in the shape of a Tasmanian devil.

But it was the real McCoy.

“I was about to reach for it, and shit shot under the couch,” she told ABC.

“I got a scare of my life. I woke up the whole family.

“That little Tasmanian devil was hiding under my couch.”

Ms Lynch lives in Sandy Bay, a Hobart suburb that borders bushland, and said they left the door open to help her pup with toilet training.

“At one point the whole family was standing around the dinner table while my husband tried to shoo the poor thing away with a broom,” she said.

“It was very cute, but it was very unusual.”

Eventually the visitor found his way back into the surrounding scrubland.

Tasmanian devils, an iconic Australian marsupial, are listed as endangered and sightings of them near built-up areas are rare, although more reports seem to have surfaced during and after the pandemic.

Devils can grow up to 78 cm long and weigh up to 11 kg.

Considered the largest living carnivorous marsupial in the world, they can deliver the most powerful bite of any mammal relative to their body mass.

Despite this, they did not consider any threat to humans.

Local sanctuary Bonorong told the ABC that devils can sometimes find their way into people’s homes, drawn to animal food and water bowls.

The sanctuary said it received two calls for Tasmanian devil sightings in built-up areas on Thursday alone.

Originally posted as “Very cute but very unusual”: Tasmanian devil mistaken for dog toys

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