Australian woman spots dozens of green tree frogs living in outback toilet

An Australian woman’s incredible clip of an outback toilet filled with green tree frogs has stunned the internet.

Melbourne traveler Kimberley Bulmer Jobe used TikTok to share the unique experience of exploring the Northern Territory.

“This is exactly why I love the Australian outback,” she wrote, sharing a clip of an unexpected gathering of frogs taking refuge in a toilet bowl at a remote trailer park.

Her extraordinary footage has garnered over a million views and thousands of comments from stunned users around the world.

“Why are you touching it with your bare hands!?” wrote one shocked social media user.

“There is no amount of money that would compel me to touch this toilet seat,” agreed another.

Others were impressed by the recordings.

“I was ready to yell and throw my phone in anticipation of one of those giant shell clamp spiders! The frogs are amazing,” wrote one woman.

“Serious question: why are frogs raiding your toilets in Australia?” added another.

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Earlier this year Ms Jobe shared footage of the same green tree frogs and revealed the heartbreaking story behind them.

“A few weeks ago I started my journey through the Australian outback, a vast, uninhabited and arid area,” she revealed.

“I stayed in a small trailer park with a small sanitary block. Green tree frogs had made one of these toilets their home and lived there for many years.

“In the outback, wildlife takes over and lives in the strangest places, like these frogs and their toilet.

“It is critical that we do not remove wild animals from their homes should they become endangered.”

She explained that the toilet was her only source of water and acted as a shelter from deadly predators like snakes.

“These green tree frogs are a protected species and it is illegal to manipulate them.

“However, a lady decided to pour harmful chemicals on these frogs, which resulted in their death.

“I took it upon myself to save as many as possible (37) and kept them in my caravan shower closest to their home.”

After the woman left, she returned her to the toilet and pronounced critics with a stern word.

“If you don’t know how the outback works here in Australia, please don’t judge how we treat our wildlife.

“I wasn’t allowed (or) to consider relocating these frogs since here in the desert. It is clear that the frogs would not have survived.

“I am offended by the judgment of non-Australians and ask for your respect for my country as I do for other countries.”

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