Jetstar passengers frustrated when luggage was taken off plane before flight to Bali

A young Australian couple are among the many Jetstar customers searching for two flights in Bali missing piles of luggage.

Declan Carruthers and Somaya O’Donnell were confused as they boarded Jetstar flight JQ116 from Perth to Bali on Wednesday night with an hour delay – but not because of the delay.

The boarding sign had appeared on time, but just as everyone was queuing, they were told the takeoff would be delayed.

Mr Carruthers said he and other passengers looked out the window and saw baggage handlers taking luggage off the plane and laying it on the tarmac.

“At that point we thought the flight had been canceled as they had unloaded the plane,” Mr Carruthers told

“But then we started to climb and all the flight attendants told us that operations maintenance was to blame for the delay.”

The couple suspected something was wrong since they didn’t see the bags being transferred, but assumed the flight crew would inform passengers if some bags were missing.

But when they got to Bali and rushed to the carousel, there were only a handful of bags from their flight. Yours were nowhere to be found.

“We were only waiting for about an hour with all these other passengers and then we finally saw people piled in the corner filling out lost baggage forms,” ​​Mr Carruthers said.

“We were told by a woman who worked at the airport that the bags were left behind in Perth due to the bad weather, but it was 30 and sunny and perfect weather.”

Mr Carruthers suspected bags were removed because the plane was too heavy.

“Why else would you pack our bags and then unpack them again?” asked Mr. Carruthers.

However, a Jetstar spokesman confirmed to that this was due to bad weather in Bali.

“Due to thunderstorms around Bali on Wednesday, we had to carry more fuel on some of our flights to Denpasar in case we had to switch to another airport,” the spokesman said.

“This meant we were unable to transport all checked bags on two of our flights.

“Our teams have been working really hard to get passengers’ bags to them as quickly as possible, with most bags now being delivered to customers.

“We know it’s frustrating when your baggage isn’t available upon landing and we appreciate the feedback from customers that we need to provide more regular updates.”

The spokesman said the airline will review its processes “so we can do better next time”. “We also thank the customers for their patience.”

A day after the couple’s arrival in Bali, it emerged that a Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Bali on the same day had encountered a similar problem.

Facebook groups were littered with comments from frustrated passengers on flights from Perth and Melbourne who arrived in Bali without all their luggage.

A post on Bali Bogans’ page included a photo of suitcases being flown to Bali on the next available flight.

Mr Carruthers asked a friend who was at the airport to check that his and Mrs O’Donnell’s bags were there, but they weren’t there.

The couple said they will continue to call the airport to check if their bags have been overflown as they are in Bali with friends until January 5 and have no clothes or valuable items such as camera gear.

Mr Carruthers said he was disappointed with Jetstar for not disclosing the baggage situation on board.

“Back when we paid next to nothing for a cheap Jetstar flight, you would have expected something to go wrong, but we repaid $1,500 each back in August,” said Mr. Carruthers.

“It’s pretty pathetic that Jetstar doesn’t communicate with its customers to let us know our bags weren’t on the plane.”

Comments on a post about missing luggage on Bali Bogans’ Facebook page showed that the couple were far from alone as people worried about missing medicine and essential baby items.

One person wrote: “My bag is still missing. I tried calling the number the guy gave me last night to no avail. No phone number to call Perth. And Jetstar hasn’t been that much of a help.”

Another commented: “My vacation is seriously ruined. Booked like 7 months ago, luggage paid for… and what for?!?! Spent a few hundred things just to tide us over a few days!”

The ordeal was followed by another mishap on behalf of Jetstar.

On December 27, flight JQ35 from Melbourne to Bali was forced to turn around and return to Victoria after a communications error resulted in landing requests from Indonesian officials being denied.

The plane had almost reached the edge of Australia when it turned around in mid-air and headed back to Melbourne.

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