Ukraine war: Russian troops can freeze their sperm for free


Russian soldiers participating in the war against Ukraine are entitled to free sperm freezing and cryobank storage, Russia’s state news agency TASS reported, citing a lawyers’ union.

“The families of those drafted into military service as part of the partial mobilization will have free access to fertility treatments and storage of biomaterial in a cryobank,” said Igor Trunov, president of the Russian Bar Association, which represents several couples there, according to Tass, the husband was mobilized and asked the family for help.

The Russian Ministry of Health responded to a request “about the creation of a free cryobank with genetic material and changes to the compulsory health insurance system for the allocation of a free quota for fertility treatments for citizens of the RF (Russian Federation) participating in the special military operation”. to Trunov.

“The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has decided that it is possible to use funds from the federal budget to finance free preservation and storage of gametes (sperms) for citizens mobilized for the special military operation in 2022-2024 . Any subsequent free use of conserved genetic material in assisted reproductive technology is regulated by law as long as it is declared as part of compulsory health insurance (of the individual),” he said, according to Tass.

In November, a US military chief put the number of Russian soldiers killed or wounded in Ukraine at over 100,000, with similar figures on the Ukrainian side.

Faced with a series of battlefield setbacks, Russian President Vladimir Putin hired an additional 300,000 troops in September. The “partial mobilization” meant that citizens who were in reserve could be drafted, and those with military experience would be subject to conscription, Putin said at the time.

The move prompted an exodus from Russia as thousands of military-age men fled the country rather than face the risk of conscription. Video footage showed long traffic queues at land border crossings into several neighboring countries, as well as soaring air fares and sell-out fights following the announcement.

According to Finnish border guard Matti Pitkäniitty, more than 8,500 Russians traveled overland to neighboring Finland on Saturday after Putin’s announcement.

As of September 28, collected data from various countries showed that over 200,000 people had fled Russia and traveled to Georgia, Kazakhstan and the EU.

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