US Masters: Scott Stallings sent out invitation to namesake

Important points
  • Scott Stallings was expecting an invitation to the Masters.
  • But the invite was accidentally sent to another Scott Stallings.
  • The tournament will take place in Georgia in April.
Golfer Scott Stallings was concerned his invitation to the prestigious Masters tournament was lost in the mail.
Turns out it had already been delivered: to another Scott Stallings who happened to live in the same US state.

The amateur golfer of the same name sent the three-time PGA Tour winner a private message on Twitter, which included photos of his invitation and the words “I’m 100 percent sure this isn’t for me.”

“I think we have some confusion over our names, our wife’s names and geographic location,” the message said. “I’m playing, but wow! No, even close to your level…I’m really not kidding, I promise.”
The former world No. 53 shared the news with his 54,000 Twitter followers, along with a caption: “I was checking mailbox literally 5 times a day and then yesterday I got this random DM”.

The other Mr Stallings posted a video on Monday of him sending out the invite.

Several Stallings supporters have suggested offering “the other Scott” free tickets to the US Masters or a chance at a caddy, with one user saying, “The TV crews are going to eat it up.”
“If I was ‘the other Scott’ I would have just turned up for a laugh and hit the driving range,” wrote another user. “Seeing the facial expressions… would have been epic!”

One of the four largest professional golf tournaments in the world, the US Masters will be held in Georgia, USA, at the end of April this year.

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