British expat blasts idiot bags and lollies in Aussie hit list on viral TikTok

Despite the many similarities Australia shares with the UK, there are still a wealth of traits that are uniquely Australian, according to a British expat.

Robyn Turner, a Brit currently residing in Melbourne, shared the top five things about Australia that shocked her on her viral TikTok series Aussie things that make me comatose as a Brit.

And at the top of their hit list was the classic Aussie Goon bag.

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“You can get packaged wine in the UK but it’s not the same here, it’s cheap and tastes acidic… it’s perfect if you’re backpacking or like a teenager or student. Other than that, I wouldn’t drink it,” she said.

Number two was the all-encompassing word: Lollies. The Brit said the fact that all sweet confectionery is labeled as lollipops and not just lollipops “blew my mind”.

She was also surprised that we don’t have one or two cent pieces, which makes our wallets lighter but also means purchases are rounded up or down to the nearest five cents.

“If you’re buying something that costs $1.98 or $1.99, you’re paying $2 if you’re buying cash. It’s fine with a card, but round up to the nearest 5 cents with cash,” she told viewers.

And while Australians argue state-by-state about the correct term for them, the favorite take-out potato scallop/potato pie was praised by the expat, who described the greasy treat as “phenomenal”.

“They are amazing, so good, my mum’s cousins ​​introduced them to me and they are phenomenal, I love them so much,” she said.

In previous videos, the Brit has also spoken of seeing Aussies walking barefoot through a supermarket, saying: “You’ll never catch anyone who hasn’t been barefoot on a beach in the UK.”

Ms Turner said she was living in Sydney when she first moved to Australia and made special mention of the city’s hot summer days, which reached as high as 42C.

“It obliterated me, it absolutely killed me.”

She was also amazed by Australia’s postal system, perhaps not fully realizing the enormous distances parcels have to travel compared to her home country.

“What do you mean next day delivery isn’t really a thing?” she said in a video.

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