‘He’s damaged’: The royal family ‘doesn’t trust’ Prince Harry at all

The royal family doesn’t trust Prince Harry at all, and his recent comments have provided “enough reason” to cast doubt on his claims that he wants a reconciliation, according to royal author Caroline Aston.

Ms Aston made the comments in a recent interview with GB News presenter Patrick Christys.

“You had every reason to feel quite concerned about his comments,” she said.

“He’s damaged, yes of course he is and I’m sure the book will be full of explanations of why he feels the way he does.”

Prince Harry opened up about his strained relationships with his brother and father in an upcoming bombshell interview to promote his much-anticipated memoir, Spare.

In the teaser trailer for the interview, which will be broadcast on ITV on Sunday, the Duke of Sussex made a brave admission to journalist Tom Bradby.

“I want my father back, I want my brother back,” he said.

He claimed his family “showed absolutely no willingness to reconcile,” before adding that “it never had to be.”

“They feel like it’s better to kind of keep us as villains,” he said.

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