Cancer rating: Adelaide restaurant Yiasou George goes viral after receiving high reaction on Google Review

A restaurant owner has received a landslide of praise after his response to a rude customer review went viral.

A client visited Yiasou George, a Mediterranean-style venue in Adelaide’s East End, on New Year’s Eve before deciding to give Google a scathing review of the company.

A special dinner event featured a shared tasting menu and champagne upon arrival, and promised “disco party vibes” and “lots of ouzo shots.”

The reviewer complained that he was told by the staff that he was “too loud” before speaking personally to the restaurant’s owner.

“Happy New Year and I hope the owner gets cancer,” he wrote.

Apparently the review has since been removed from the company’s Google reviews page.

CEO Oliver Brown of Big Easy Group, which owns Yiasou George, took to social media to clear up the damning criticism.

“My staff let me know before you even arrived that you were having a little too much fun and they politely asked you to be respectful of the other people dining in the restaurant,” Mr Brown wrote.

“What’s no fun is cancer. And it’s not very funny to wish it on restaurant workers who are doing their jobs.”

Following his response, Mr. Brown shared with the restaurant’s 5,000 Instagram followers that he had donated the full cost of the angry reviewer’s meal, $499.95, to the Cancer Council.

“At Yiasou George and Big Easy Group, we treat everyone with respect and do not tolerate this type of behavior,” he wrote.

“So we invited (the reviewer) never to dine with us again. Here’s to a damn good 2023 full of good vibes.”

Mr Brown’s donation was praised across Australia.

More than 30 Google reviews were posted in the last week, with the majority giving five-star reviews to Yiasou George.

“Legendary answer to Alex! I’ve never been to your restaurant but kudos for donating to charity on behalf of Alex,” one reviewer wrote Thursday morning.

“I haven’t been to this restaurant (yet) either, but I want to applaud the owner for his excellent response,” said another.

“It’s disgusting to wish someone cancer! Sounds to me like the person who wrote that “drunk” review is already very sick!”

Others praised Mr Brown’s support for those who have experienced or supported loved ones through cancer diagnoses.

“As someone affected by cancer and who has lost loved ones, I applaud your integrity,” one reviewer wrote.

“Fighting Hate With Love”

“I didn’t eat there but respect the owner and how and how you treated a certain keyboard warrior,” said another.

“Next time I’m in Adelaide I’ll definitely head your way.”

“Kudos to this venue for treating a disrespectful, disruptive and quirky diner respectfully (and the fake review),” said a third.

Originally posted as an Adelaide restaurant, it was applauded for responding to a cruel Google review

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