Cristiano Ronaldo confuses Saudi Arabia with South Africa after signing Al Nassr

  • Cristiano Ronaldo made the mistake during a press conference after joining Al Nassr Football Club in Saudi Arabia this week.
  • South African Tourism posted a cheeky response on social media after getting it wrong.
  • Ronaldo will reportedly earn around $300 million a year playing with Al Nassr.
Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo appears to be confusing South Africa with Saudi Arabia after joining his new Middle Eastern football club this week.
The 37-year-old signed a record deal for Al Nassr after a public row with his former club Manchester United.
Ronaldo told a press conference on Wednesday that he was “proud” to join the Middle Eastern club and that the Saudi Arabian league was “competitive”.

But the six-time Ballon d’Or winner mistook his host country for South Africa in the opening press conference.

“Coming to South Africa is not the end of my career,” said Ronaldo.
“And I really don’t worry about what people say.”

In a cheeky response on social media, South African Tourism said they were “patiently waiting” for Ronaldo and that he was “welcome anytime”.

Ronaldo is reportedly set to receive the highest football salary in history. reported that he will make around $300 million a year.
The signing has been scrutinized by activist and former footballer Craig Foster, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.
Mr Foster, a former Socceroos captain, said Ronaldo should draw attention to human rights issues in Saudi Arabia.
“An ‘inspirational vision’ for ‘boys and girls’ says Ronaldo and Al Nassr FC,” Foster wrote in a tweet on Tuesday
“If you are not a journalist, Human rights advocate, LGBTI member or activist, political opponent or prisoner, woman in need of guardianship or who believes freedom of speech is a fundamental right.”

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