Sony and Honda present new electric car “Afeela”.

Sony’s PlayStation on wheels is fast becoming a viable alternative to electric cars from Tesla, BMW or Mercedes.

The brand attracted a lot of attention when it unveiled a “Concept S” in 2020, pitching the car as a living room on wheels.

It combined the best of Sony Hi-Fi, Bravia TVs and PlayStation games with next-generation driver assistance, based on the brand’s world-class understanding of cameras and imaging.

The plan was to sell the technology to other automakers.

Then in 2022, Sony announced it would work with Honda to produce an electric sedan — and an SUV — under a new joint venture.

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, joint venture Sony Honda Mobility announced that its automotive brand will be called “Afeela”.

Car lovers did not welcome the name. Reddit users surmised that “Soda and Honny were turned down by the marketing department” and that they “feel like that name isn’t good.”

Observers from The Autopian felt that the electronics giant should have borrowed from its ‘Walkman’ and ‘Discman’ musical legacy by naming it the ‘Sony Driveman’.

That’s way better than Sony Honda Inventive Transportation.

Similar in size to the Tesla Model S, the Afeela is a sleek four-door, five-seat sedan.

The car has a digital display between the headlights that can show messages to pedestrians and passers-by.

Sustainably sourced interior materials combine with a huge panoramic roof in a cabin dominated by a huge digital display that spans the full width of the dashboard. Sony promises the car will seamlessly connect to home entertainment systems – you can pick up a movie or game where you left off – and that its user interface will take a leap beyond what you’ll find on rivals.

It benefits from graphics produced by Epic Games’ “Unreal Engine” – the same company responsible for the smash-hit shooter game Fortnite – which should look sensational on high-resolution displays.

Technical details are somewhat limited. We know the car will have all-wheel drive and a decently sized battery that should provide a reasonably quick boost.

The car will go on sale in the US in 2025 before being delivered to customers in 2026.

Pricing for the model has not been confirmed, although it will likely fetch a six-figure sum when it goes on sale in Australia.

Originally released as Sony, Honda introduces the new “Afeela” brand of electric cars

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