The ugly summer weather continues as former Tropical Cyclone Ellie heads east

A “severe storm outbreak” continues across Sydney and up the east coast into Queensland, with even wilder weather on the way as a damaging weather system moves in from the north-west of the country.

Former Tropical Cyclone Ellie will begin moving across the country on Friday from its current position over northwest Australia, where it caused the worst flooding emergency in the state’s history.

Thousands of residents and visitors have been stranded in Broome, which has been cut off by flood waters while a flood watch has been established for the Sandy Desert, Tanami Desert and Western Desert regions.

The Bureau of Meteorology said ex-TC Ellie is currently just inland from Broome and is moving slowly but will take off soon.

“It will then move rapidly southeast across the southern Kimberley and northern interior on Friday before reaching the WA/NT boundary in the Tanami Desert and Western Desert on Saturday,” the bureau said.

“Moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast across the Flood Watch area, with possible 50 to 80mm on Friday and Saturday and isolated totals of 120mm.

“Heavy rainfall will result in a significant rise in river levels and flooding of low-lying areas. “Some roads and possibly secondary highways are likely to be affected and communities may become isolated.”

Sky News weather forecaster Rob Sharpe said Ellie would “deteriorate a bit” as she traveled across the country but would still see heavy rains of around 50mm in Townsville and Mackay and as far north as Rockhampton.

“Its tropical humidity will move as far north as Queensland, perhaps well into north NSW, with a risk of heavy rains next week as that humidity persists,” Mr Sharpe said.

Severe storms would continue in Sydney on Friday, particularly in the Blue Mountains area, he said.

As the storms roll up the coast towards north NSW and south-east Queensland, the weather in Sydney is set to improve, with sunny days of 25C and 27C for Sunday and Monday after a Saturday with a medium chance of showers.

Canberrans have avoided the storm outbreak, with partly cloudy conditions forecast for the weekend and maximum temperatures to peak at 27C on Sunday.

The next four days in Melbourne will bring the best weather in the city all summer, with sunny days of 30°C and 33°C on Saturday and Sunday, followed by 29°C on Monday.

Conditions will not be as warm in Hobart but the Tasmanian capital remains dry, with temperatures of 19C, 23C and 26C from Friday to Sunday, which will also be the sunniest day of the weekend.

Adelaide will be bone dry in stinking hot conditions over the weekend, with Saturday and Sunday set to bring highs of 36C and 37C respectively, while light winds will trend across the city from the north-east, according to the Bureau.

Perth residents could be forgiven for ignoring the wild conditions of northern Western Australia, with dry conditions ranging from 29C to 33C over the weekend and almost no rain in sight save for a slight 10 per cent chance of a thunderstorm late Tuesday perceived.

Darwin’s next seven days feature all possible storms and highs in the low 30s, but the heaviest rain is set to come on Friday as ex-TC Ellie continues to be influential in the region.

Up to 25mm could fall on Friday, while Saturday is less likely to have morning and afternoon showers and possible precipitation of just up to 8mm.

Brisbane is also unlikely to be affected by the movement of Ellie next week, with partly cloudy conditions and temperatures of 30C for the next few days before a moderate chance of showers later in the week around Thursday.

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