Invigorating skin radiance after the holidays

With diets often high in sugar and fat, increased alcohol consumption and lack of sleep, the holiday season can undoubtedly take its toll on skin. But fear not, because a detox program—even a modest one—can help you regain a fresh, glowing, flawless complexion in just a few weeks.

A post-holiday detox is by no means essential, but it can be a great way to reset for anyone feeling the effects of the excesses often associated with this time of year. As we know only too well, an increased consumption of fat, sugar and alcohol can damage the skin in a very short time, as can a lack of exercise and sleep.

At the end of the Christmas season, skin can often be duller and drier – a phenomenon that is exacerbated by temperature fluctuations. Stains can also be an issue. But a few simple steps taken throughout the month of January can help.

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While some people may opt for a strict detox that includes only fruits, vegetables, and juices, returning to your pre-vacation habits is often enough to restore radiance to the skin.

The first step is to cut back on fat, sugar, and alcohol—something you’ve probably already done or will do naturally. But to maximize results, it may be advisable to add fruits and vegetables with antioxidant properties or those that help eliminate toxins and stimulate digestion to your diet.

When it comes to vegetables, choose celery, artichoke, cabbage (in all its forms), watercress, chicory, turnips, broccoli, and leeks. Note that black radish, cooked or in the form of a dietary supplement, is a great partner for fighting indigestion, but also for cleansing the body in general.

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It’s an excellent food for a post-holiday detox, as long as you stick to recommended doses. As for fruit, citrus fruits have the power to regulate digestion and are obviously rich in vitamin C, an essential ally of the skin. But kiwis are also perfect for such a detox, as are red berries – although it is better to choose seasonal fruits.

Also, try drinking a glass of warm (or room temperature) water with lemon in the morning to aid in skin detoxification.

A complete beauty routine

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Beyond diet, it’s important to get back to your usual beauty routine and even step it up after the holidays. Long nights and tiredness mean many people skip the makeup removal step at this time of year, increasing the risk of blemishes.

That risk is even greater since the end of the year celebrations are synonymous with more elaborate makeup looks that can choke the skin from breathing.

Make-up removal, morning and evening skin cleansing with a chemical peel and detoxifying mask once a week, and daily moisturizing are essential steps in a complete and comprehensive beauty routine. But certain beauty allies can also help you regain a fresh and radiant complexion more quickly.

This is especially true for purifying treatments, but also for facial saunas and massagers that help eliminate signs of fatigue.

Other tips that may already be part of your daily routine can help your skin look its best. Drinking plenty of water is recommended for glowing skin – some say 1.5 liters, but it really depends on the color of your urine (light yellow for good hydration).

Similarly, summing up some form of exercise is good for the skin, as is allowing it to breathe by significantly reducing the amount of makeup you wear for a few days. All in all, getting back to your healthy, glowing skin after the holidays shouldn’t be too hard.

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