Surprise with the tomato sauce hack that removes sink stains without scrubbing

It can be frustrating to futilely scrubbing the suds and grime in your bathroom, but one mom shared a hack that’s garnering a lot of attention online.

A mum took to the popular Mums Who Clean to share that she uses tomato sauce to get rid of those stubborn stains.

One woman in the group thanked a member who had previously posted about the hack — which involves simply smearing tomato sauce around the sink drain ring and leaving it there to work its highly acidic magic, KidSpot reported.

“I used ketchup and let it sit for 11 hours,” the mom wrote.

“Scrubbed and then just rinsed off.”

She included stunning before and after photos that attracted hundreds of likes and comments.

“I’ve been messing around with my faucets and it has removed stubborn dirt I couldn’t move. Tomato sauce for the win!” gushed one member.

“Clean as a whistle,” wrote another. “I was totally flabbergasted. My arthritic hands are forever grateful.”

“I left my three hours,” added another. “Works so well.”

There was general agreement among the group that the cheap and non-toxic mince works because tomatoes are acidic — but especially so in the form of supermarket tomato sauce.

Admittedly, some moms were “concerned” about the hack.

“If I left tomato sauce on my sink for 11 hours, my kid would 100 percent lick it off,” laughed one.

Another joked, “I’m pretty sure one of my kids would dip their food in it.”

While the hack drew enthusiasm — and even gratitude from some social media users frustrated by their bathroom grime — others questioned the use of “half a bottle” of sauce when ready-made products might suffice.

“Bar Keepers Friend or even Jif,” one suggested, to which another replied: “But clearly it is! And fewer chemicals.”

And again someone asked, “Isn’t it easier to just use Jif and get it sparkling clean in just a few minutes?”

One member shared, “This is how I clean my little brass ring holder…it’s going to be nice and shiny!”

Others also revealed that the hack works on faucets and kitchen sinks.

Then there was the woman who swore by using tomato sauce in her hair.

“Works for blond hair turning green from chlorine in the pool. I tried it and it works!”

Two other members agreed with this tip, so it seems worth a try!

This article originally appeared on KidSpot and is reproduced with permission

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