Sleep Meditation: Apple introduces a new bedtime feature to help you fall asleep

Recurring sleep problems are a major health concern for Australians, with more than half of us reporting struggling to get enough sleep at least once a week.

While research shows that 60 percent of people suffer from at least one chronic sleep symptom at night, which directly impacts their ability to lead healthy, happy lives, Apple just rolled out a feature that could help tired people get those much-needed extra ones to get z.

As part of its Fitness+ offering, the tech giant has just launched a line of “sleep meditation workouts” designed to help users fall asleep easier and wake up refreshed and energized.

The program begins with four 20-minute meditations that end with five minutes of relaxing music, Apple said in a statement.

The meditations — which can be done at any time in any order, each using different techniques to help users slow down and rest — include “Calm Your Mind,” “Relax Your Body,” “Appreciate Your Day,” and ” Visualization of Rest”.

New sleep meditations are added each week, and each practice can be done as part of a relaxation routine or while falling asleep.

Previously, users had to own an Apple Watch to access the brand’s Fitness+ platform. However, that all changed with the recent iOS 16 update, which bought the software for iPhones.

The sleep aid is one of many new additions to Apple Fitness+ in January, designed to help users meet their health and fitness goals for 2023.

Other extras include the addition of kickboxing to the library of on-demand workouts, as well as a series of new celebrity-led walks, starting with acclaimed actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

Research shows that exhausted Aussies often use desperate tactics to help them fall asleep, with 61 percent of people turning to sex to tire themselves out, while 30 percent spray lavender on their pillows, while 21 percent listen to ASMR.

The Covid-19 pandemic has “exacerbated” our sleep problems, with research from Medibank finding around 2.5 million Australians described their sleep in 2020 as “the worst” of their lives.

This was due to two key factors, including increased stress, general uncertainty about the future, reduced financial and professional security, and relationship conflicts as a result of changed lifestyles.

Simple tips for better sleep

• Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine, such as: B. Taking a hot bath, reading a book, or listening to soothing music or podcasts.

• Use your bedroom only for sleeping to strengthen the connection between bed and sleep.

• Set a sleep goal with an app – You can easily set one in Apple’s Health app.

• Exercise regularly and aim for at least 20-30 minutes of outdoor exercise every day.

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