Julia Roberts: The actor has discovered that she’s actually not Roberts at all

Hollywood Queen Julia Roberts is actually not a Roberts at all.

the Pretty Woman Spirit Entrance ticket to paradiseThe actor was historically supposed to have a very different last name.

The revelation came after a US television show investigated Roberts’ past.

Find your rootssimilar to the popular genealogy show Who do you Think You Are? shown on SBS is produced by the US website Ancestry and the Public Broadcasting Service.

The historian dr. Henry Louise Gates Jr. said the program’s team looked at the archives of Robert’s family in Georgia in the southern United States.

There are certainly people with the surname Roberts in the actor’s past.

There are records of her great-grandfather, John Roberts, who was born in 1878 in Douglas County, west of Atlanta.

His mother was Rhoda Suttle, who was born in 1837.

Roberts said she never knew about Ms Suttle.

Archives in Georgia showed that Mrs. Suttle married a Willis Roberts and his name was passed down to Julia through generations.

However, in a lineage twist, it was discovered that Willis Roberts died a decade before John Roberts was born.

Despite bearing his name, the actor’s great-grandfather, John Roberts, couldn’t possibly have been Willis’s child.

“But wait, am I not a Roberts?” she asked Dr. gates

A shortage of birth certificates intermittently issued in 19th-century Georgia meant there were gaps in the paper trail as to who the true father of Ms. Suttle’s children was.

However, DNA testing managed to narrow the mystery down to one man: Henry Mitchell Jnr.

“Your Julia Mitchell. Biologically, you’re not a Roberts,” said Dr. Gates to a surprised Ms. Roberts/Mitchell, who burst out laughing.

“It was a very unexpected turn of events,” the star said.

“I bet nobody knew,” she added.

“Well, everyone on that farm knew because her husband wasn’t around and she was still having babies,” replied Dr. gates

Further excavation unearthed the 1880 census, which showed that Henry Mitchell lived with his wife Sarah and their six children at about the time John Roberts was born.

He lived a few miles from Mrs. Suttle. But even closer was Mr Roberts’ mother, who lived just four households from Rhoda Suttle, who has a direct line to Julia Roberts.

The supposition was that when Mr. Roberts visited his mother he also stopped by Rhoda’s.

“Sarah probably said, ‘Oh he’s going to see his mom, how cute?'” Ms Roberts said.

“On the one hand, my mind is really blown away and it’s fascinating; and on the other hand, there’s a part of ne that, when I’m calmer, can still put my arm around the idea of ​​my family being my family.” She added.

“And I prefer the name Roberts.”

Originally released as Julia Roberts, she is actually not a Roberts

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