Matura class 2022: Do you want to get rich? Here are the highest paying jobs in SA

You have just completed your matric and received your results. You did it as well as you imagined. Suddenly the world is your oyster as you decide what you will do for the rest of your life. One thing you don’t want to keep doing is rushing through life. You want to make it, and make it big as soon as possible.

Here are some of the jobs you might want to focus your career on that will help you become a millionaire in life pretty quickly.


If saving humanity from disease is your thing, then a career in medicine might be for you. The pay is definitely not bad. According to, doctors specializing in a specific area earn around R1,600,000 per year. However, keep in mind that you may have to devote more than 10 years of your life studying and even more to specialize.


Yes, this is definitely a high paying job, but also one of the hardest to learn. GrabJobs states that actuaries earn around R920,000 a year. Also, it takes most students more than ten years to become an actuary.

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If you enjoy listening to other people’s problems and reading through pages of case studies, then this is definitely for you. Judges in South Africa earn around R825,000 a year. However, it all starts with a law degree, which lasts about 4 to 5 years. After that, it all boils down to more study and experience.


This is definitely one of those plush, comfy titles—and one you’ll want on your business card. CFOs earn around R780,000 per year. First, you need a bachelor’s degree in finance and extensive experience. Honestly, a master’s degree doesn’t really hurt either.


If you are creative and precise, you may feel like exploring the idea of ​​becoming an architect. Well we can tell you the salary is not that bad either. Architects in South Africa earn around R715,000 per year

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Again, this is one of those plush titles. CAs in South Africa earn around R605,000 per year. The studies aren’t that brutal either. You must study for a BCom degree and then a CTA or BCom (Honours) Accountancy or equivalent accredited degree.


How do you know if someone is an engineer? Basically they tell you. And why shouldn’t they – it was certainly a fight and a half to become one. But when you look at your paycheck at the end, R572,000 a year isn’t too bad to keep. But make sure you love math. Engineering degrees typically last 4 years, but those brave enough to embark on it tend to take a little longer to complete.

*Compiled by Devina Haripersad

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