Supermarket giant Coles sets limits on Australian frozen potato products

Coles reintroduces purchase restrictions on packs of frozen potato products as the nation grapples with a potato shortage.

Heavy rains and major flooding have impacted the country’s potato production, driving up the wholesale price of potatoes by 25 percent.

The domino effect means you’ll now be limited to a maximum of two frozen potato products from Cole’s freezers for the foreseeable future.

The policy went into effect on Tuesday.

“Bad weather in the eastern states has impacted supply of some frozen potato products across the industry,” a Coles spokesman said.

“We thank our customers for their patience while we work hard with suppliers to minimize disruption and bring stock levels back to normal levels in the coming months.”

However, the chain’s fresh potato supply will remain unaffected.

A similar restriction was introduced in mid-December, forcing families to reassess Christmas meal plans.

However, main competitor Woolworth will continue to buy unlimited potato products.

They are weathering the storm and expect supply issues to normalize by mid-February.

The shortage is also impacting the commercial sector, with restaurants being forced to either try hand-cut chips or close their doors altogether.

One of these businesses was Roy’s Fish & Chips Takeaway Cafe in the tourist town of Batemans Bay on the NSW south coast, which had to close twice a week over the New Year holidays due to shortages.

“Once again we are out of potatoes and have to close our shop for trading tomorrow and we will reopen as soon as we source and receive more potatoes,” read a post on Roy’s New Year’s Day Facebook page.

The Oven is a self-proclaimed pizzeria in Strathalbyn, south-east Adelaide, where a shortage of mashed potatoes has also caused problems.

“Chip lovers watch out! Due to a potato shortage in Australia, we regret to inform you that we are currently unable to supply our regular crisps,” read a post on their January 12 Facebook page.

“We’ve found a temporary replacement, but won’t have a sweet potato for now.”

And in the Victorian border town of Rutherglen, the GRACE. bar + eatery” faces a similar situation.

“HOT CHIPS IN CRISIS,” they declare in a Facebook post uploaded on Friday.

“Due to the major Australian potato shortages of 2022-23 we will run out of our incredibly popular ‘truffle fries’ sometime this weekend.

“But fear not, we now stock crinkle cut chips,” the Post said, before controversially adding, “And let’s face it, they’re undeniably the better chips for the ratio of crispy to fluffy kernels.”

Originally posted when Coles imposes purchase restrictions on a family favorite frozen meal

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