Jeremy Clarkson apologizes for ‘terrible’ Meghan Markle column

Important points
  • Jeremy Clarkson has apologized on Instagram for a column he wrote about Meghan Markle in The Sun.
  • In the column, Clarkson said he fantasizes about crowds throwing feces at Markle.
  • On Monday, Clarkson said he was “very angry” with himself after the “terrible” column was published.
Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has apologized for a column in The Sun tabloid in which he said he “hates” Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle.
In December, Clarkson wrote that he dreams of the day Markle “has to parade naked through the streets of every city in Britain while the crowd goes ‘Shame!’ screams. and throw clods of feces at them”.

The article sparked a wave of protests and became the United Kingdom Independent Press Standards Organization’s most-complained article.

“I’m really sorry… that’s me putting my hands up. It’s a mea culpa with bells,” Clarkson wrote on Instagram Monday.
In his apology, Clarkson said he sent his column to The Sun without reading it to anyone – as he usually does – and only later realized what he had written was “awful”.

“I abhor violence against women,” he added, but acknowledged that the column “seemed to advocate for it.”

In the column commenting on the Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary series, Clarkson said of Meghan, “I hate her on a cellular level.”
In a television interview aired January 8, Harry said the column was “terrible and… hurtful and cruel to my wife”.

He also said it encourages misogyny around the world.

Clarkson rose to worldwide fame by hosting the popular BBC car show Top Gear, but was fired as a presenter in 2015 for assaulting a male producer.
He now does a similar show for Amazon, as well as a documentary series on farming.
The presenter, who is known for his provocative columns, in which he often espouses right-wing political views, also claimed he referenced a scene from the Game of Thrones series in the column.

But he said he forgot to state it.

The Sun said in late December it “sincerely regretted” the publication and had removed the column from its website and archives.

Harry and Meghan said on Christmas Eve that the tabloid had not been in direct contact with them and criticized the newspaper’s statement on its website as “nothing more than a PR stunt”.

Clarkson said Monday he emailed the couple on Christmas Day to apologize, telling them “the language I used in my column was disgraceful and I am deeply sorry.” .

He vowed to be “vigilant” in the future and said he could move on to writing about becoming a grandfather.

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