Balmoral Beach, Sydney: ‘Disgraceful’ act of engagement sparks outrage

A moment between two lovers has left local residents outraged after a newly engaged couple failed to clean up the rubbish from their marriage proposal on one of Sydney’s popular beaches.

A Mosman resident was left in disbelief after finding plastic rose petals and zip ties strewn across Balmoral Beach on Sunday.

The woman took to social media to try to locate the proposal’s organizers near the south end of Balmoral.

“They left all their trash, hundreds of plastic rose petals, sharp stakes sticking out of the sand, and zip ties everywhere just yards from our beautiful ocean,” she wrote.

“What a way to celebrate love, eh?”

The woman believed a company may have been responsible for the extravagant proposal and was outraged at the disregard for the environment after none of the engagement’s trash was picked up.

“To the company that set this up, what a way of running your business,” she wrote.

“Nature is not just your background, it is a creature that needs nurturing.

“We are fortunate to experience life in a place that is so beautiful, but it only stays that way if you don’t make it worse with your presence.

“If you want to enjoy it, take some responsibility and don’t throw it away. It’s really not that difficult.”

Other residents took to social media to support them, with many agreeing that the lack of respect for the park and beach was disgusting.

“Incredible that people would even think about it when we know so much better. They should be fined and forced to clean up properly,” one person wrote.

Another said it was “terrible” to see all the junk.

“Most of us locals go to great lengths to keep the area litter-free… and recycle as much as we can. Very upset,” they wrote.

Another said the ad was “completely unacceptable on all levels, incredibly inconsiderate of others who also wish to use the facilities and it is a danger to marine life as well as casual hikers”.

Originally posted as Mosman residents upset at engaged couple leaving trash

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