The beating heart of Lamborghini

The naturally aspirated V12 engine has been at the heart of Lamborghini’s most prestigious product lines since 1963; In fact, only two supercar designs have been produced to date. The first, essentially a racing engine made more “civilized” for street use, was designed by Giotto Bizzarrini. He made his debut in the first Lamborghini, the 350 GT. The second engine was developed from scratch but introduced with the same basic technical concepts in the Aventador, which was launched in 2011. This was a significant technological advance for the company and set new standards in terms of performance and reliability. The first engine underwent a significant number of modifications and advancements over its lifetime to deliver higher performance and later significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Between 1963 and 2010 the engine was used in various positions. Initially it was mounted in the front of the 350 GT, 400 GT and Espada. It was developed using aluminum for the cylinder heads, crankcase and pistons to bring the weight down to 232 kg. The engine was then used in a rear mid-engine layout that was rotated 90 degrees transversely in the Miura. It was then rotated another 90 degrees, starting with the Countach, to a center-rear longitudinal position to even out the weight distribution

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