Back to school tips for first-time parents – it’s not just about the kids The Canberra Times

If you’re one of those parents, and I was, don’t raise your hand for every school-related committee or activity in kindergarten. School is a marathon. Sure, by the time they get into high school, you won’t have to help with reading and stuff like that, but I still kept a stopwatch at the 12th grade boys’ swim carnival. I loved it. I wouldn’t change anything. But I have a lot of stamina for such things. Always willing for something. Pick one thing you can help with in your first year. Passionate about literacy? help reading. Do you know your way around a soccer field? Help with sports. Warming up a mean sausage roll? Sign up for some canteen sessions. I’m a big believer in the idea that if your school knows you’re interested in the school, they’ll be more interested in your child. Don’t get in the way. Just be there every now and then.

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