Document shredding solutions

Improper disposal of prints leaves your business vulnerable to identity theft, data breaches and possible corporate espionage. Choosing a comprehensive and certified document shredding service makes all the difference when it comes to getting rid of your confidential customer and business documents safely and securely.

Why is shredding essential and what are the three document solutions for your business? Here are three reasons why a certified shredding service is vital to your business, including three shredding solutions for your business!

Three important reasons for certified shredding services

  1. Certified document shredding services protect your company from malicious intent and protect your company’s records and confidential information of customers and employees from malicious intent.
  2. Companies operating in countries like South Africa are required by law to destroy documents outside of their life cycle.
  3. Document shredding is extremely effective for your business and kind to your office space and the environment. Also, shredded paper is easier to recycle.

Three benefits of using a certified shredding service

  1. guaranteed destruction – Commercially available paper shredders do not destroy paper sufficiently to deter even the simplest identity thief or data theft. In contrast, industrial paper shredders completely destroy documents, eliminating any chance of possible recovery.
  2. workflow – A certified shredding service helps your company integrate scheduled shredding services into your workflow to protect company interests while streamlining a process.
  3. Improved efficiency – Industrial shredders can process larger volumes of documents in less time, securely shredding document containers filled to the brim in minutes.

Three document shredding solutions

Here are three document shredding solutions that will fit the needs of your business.

On-site / mobile shredding
Organizations such as banks and government institutions may require documents to be shredded on site to ensure that documents that are not shredded leave their premises. On-site or mobile shredding services save businesses time, money and peace of mind that their information is irretrievable.

Off-site shredding/plant-based shredding
External or factory-based shredding services typically take place at the company’s facilities and are ideal for large-scale and record-breaking projects.

Drop-off shredding
Drop-off shredding services are ideal for businesses that need to shred small batches of documents.

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