Google is committed to keeping the ad platform secure

With growing concerns about privacy, Google has put users at the center of everything it does.

This comes after the tech giant rolled out My Ad Center globally, allowing anyone to see and control how their data is used to show them ads on Search, Discover and YouTube.

My Ad Center allows users to see fewer ads they don’t want to see, creating a win-win situation for both users and advertisers.

user security

According to Google, user safety is a top priority when it comes to ads and monetized content on its platforms.

“In Africa, access to quality information has never been more important, especially since the Covid pandemic. As people manage more of their lives online, their concerns about how personal information is collected, used and shared have grown.”

“Over the past five years, search interest in private browsing has increased by +60% in Nigeria, +30% in South Africa and +110% in Kenya. 2022 was the year Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria searched the most for private browsing since 2012,” Google said.

More privacy

Nitin Gajria, Managing Director, Africa at Google, notes that regulators around the world are demanding a more private internet and businesses in Africa need to recognize and respond to this shift in consumer behavior.

“At Google, we are committed to making the ad-supported web a safer and more private place for all people in Africa. We believe we can ensure a future for the ad-supported web that benefits everyone by giving people the Give control over their data and invest in privacy-proof advertising,” he said.

Privacy Sandbox

In addition to these efforts, Google also announced the Privacy Sandbox initiative, an initiative developed in partnership with the advertising industry that aims to create a more private Internet.

According to Google, the privacy sandbox is designed to reduce tracking across websites and apps while allowing free access to online content and services.

“The initiative includes developing new technologies to protect personal data, providing publishers and developers with alternative options, and introducing new Internet privacy standards,” Google said.

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