Linda Lindas’ Ideal LA Sunday includes vintage shops, boba

In Sunday Funday, LA folks piece by piece tell us their ideal Sunday in the city. Find ideas and inspiration on where to go, what to eat and how to enjoy life on the weekends.

Ever since the Linda Lindas wooed music lovers with a stunning performance of their song “Racist, Sexist Boy” at the Los Angeles Public Library nearly two years ago – the video has now garnered more than 1.5 million views on YouTube – their life has been anything but relaxed .

The all-girl punk band — a mix of sisters, cousins, and a select family ranging in age from 12 to 18 — opened last year’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs tour alongside Japanese Breakfast, who performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and starred in Amy Poehler’s 2021 film Moxie. They have also appeared on NPR’s acclaimed Tiny Desk series and played their biggest show yet in their hometown at the Fonda Theater in December to promote their debut album, Growing Up.

The band did “a lot of shows” last year, “so it [felt] like a big celebration with friends,” says 16-year-old Lucia de la Garza of the show in her hometown.

“We need to have an after-party on the roof,” adds Eloise Wong, 14, enthusiastically.

“All our friends were there and it was really fun,” says 12-year-old Mila de la Garza.

This spring, the LA-born quartet will be on the road with Paramore for their US tour, making their debut at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio.

Between their fast-paced music career, social life, and schoolwork — 18-year-old Bela Salazar graduated from high school in June — the Linda Lindas have adapted to managing their busy calendars.

In recent years, Sundays have usually been reserved for practice, but the Linda Lindas enjoy spending time together, both on and offstage.

The band’s Perfect Sunday in LA closely resembles the spooky music video for their song “Talking to Myself,” in which they visit several of their favorite places (apart from the vengeful dolls that come to life). Full of recommendations, Linda Linda’s summary of her ideal Sunday has been edited for length and clarity.

8:30 am: Sleep in and then run to Cindy’s Diner for breakfast in our pajamas

Bela Salazar (guitar, vocals): We stayed at Lucia and Mila’s and then woke up to go to breakfast cindys in the eagle rock.

Lucia de la Garza (guitar, vocals): We would go out and we would wear our pajamas.

Bella: It’s not breakfast, but I would eat it for breakfast: I like the falafel there. Also a slice of apple pie.

Mila de la Garza (drums, percussion and vocals): They don’t serve that for breakfast there, but I would get the spaghetti without the meatballs.

Eloise Wong (bass, vocals): Maybe Bela wouldn’t finish her food, so I’d just eat off her plate.

Lucy: I get french toast and also a side of potatoes.

Bella: Cindy’s is very cool, cozy and bright.

Lucy: And the key lime pie is excellent there.

Mila: I would order a glass of orange juice. I’m an orange juice person.

Lucy: She has orange juice on us [tour] Riders, so we always have orange juice in the green room.

Elise: There is so much orange juice! Like two pitchers of that and then every show we play when we’re on tour we just accumulate so much orange juice.

10:15 AM: Vintage shopping in Northeast LA

Lucy: We go to a vintage store to pick up some new outfits.

Elise: Bela drives!

Bella: I know how to drive – just not well [laughs]. We like leader of the pack on York Boulevard in Highland Park.

Lucy: Leader of the Pack has a lot of really cool exhibits.

Mila: And additional equipment.

Lucy: We like too Kiki Stash

Elise: … if we are looking for something special.

Bella: It takes us forever to shop.

Lucy: I find two things and then choose one and wait for them to finish.

Bella: We spent an hour and a half in each store.

2 p.m.: Coffee and boba break

Bella: i need a coffee When we’re in Highland Park, there’s one place I’ll bust my bags for: Bourgeois coffee on Figueroa street. I try to avoid coffee but this is the only place that makes an exception. I’ll get the Figueroa drink. There are Mexican cookies called Marias that are placed on top and they contain cinnamon. Or they have good matcha there.

Lucy: The rest of us don’t really drink coffee.

Elise: I think we should attack Boba minon cake [in Chinatown].

Lucy: I recently got a coconut and strawberry drink, but I feel a little cooler on Sundays. So I feel like regular taro, semi-sweet, less ice cream, with custard and no boba.

Mila: I recently got a lychee green tea with lychee coconut jelly and boba semi sweet.

Lucy: Minon Cakes’ crepe cakes are good too. We like the mango [flavor].

Elise: I just got jasmine tea with boba.

2:30pm: Lunch at Jade Wok

Lucy: After getting boba we go to jade wokthis is a restaurant in chinatown.

Elise: We would definitely get their tofu because they make it there. We’d take the one with the meat sauce.

Bella: They have Thai tea there, right?

Elise: But we just got Boba!

Bella: But I need my second [laughs].

Elise: Whatever drink you get, buy one get one free so we would get two Thai teas for the price of one.

Bella: So I would get a Thai tea. We’ll be making two stops for my caffeine at least four times. This is everyday life for me.

Lucy: I’ll save mine for later. And Mila likes Jade Wok’s tomato egg.

Elise: We also like their spare ribs.

Bella: I’ll eat the ribs. Mila is a full vegetarian. Eloise and Lucia sometimes eat meat.

Lucy: I don’t eat red meat.

Bella: I eat everything.

3:30pm: Sing throwback songs at Max Karaoke Studio

Elise: We do karaoke at Max Karaoke Studio.

Mila: [Some of our go-to songs are] ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

Elise: “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC.

Lucy: “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper.

Mila: We also do some songs all together.

4:30pm: A quick dessert break at the Japanese Village Plaza Mall

Lucy: we would go Cafe Dulce. They have donut-like things. Bela is not a donut person.

Elise: I feel like I’m drunk.

Mila: I would take a water [laughs]. I’m not a big donut person either, so I might go to the matcha shop for matcha soft serve instead. It is so good.

Lucy: At Cafe Dulce, the dinosaur eggs are good. They’re not very sweet and they’re pretty chewy. They have a kind of mochi dough texture. All her stuff is good.

4:45 PM Drive to Pasadena to visit Vroman’s bookstore

Lucy: Let’s go to Pasadena. I want to go Vroman’s Bookstore.

Bella: Vroman’s has a coffee shop [laughs].

Mila: And good books.

Lucy: I think Vroman’s keeps abreast of new books coming out. There’s such a thing as a green color palette, which is always nice.

Mila: Green is my favourite colour. And our first show as Linda Lindas was here. I would get a young adult fantasy book.

Lucy: I usually stick to fiction, but sometimes I deviate from it. I read a lot. I’m currently reading a collection of short stories I received in Chicago called Medusa’s Ankles and also A Study in Charlotte, a more recent retelling of the Sherlock Holmes book.

5:45 pm: Roller skating on the Moonlight Rollerway

Mila: we would go Moonlight Runway.

Bella: It’s a classic.

Lucy: It’s not a good place when it’s really hot.

Bella: But everyone celebrates their birthday there.

Mila: I had a birthday party there when I was about 5.

7:45pm: Dinner at Rosty Peruvian Food before a show

Lucy: We will Rusty Peruvian food on Figueroa street. The rice and beans are good. You get the plantains.

Bella: Also their Lomo Saltado and Chicha Morada drink.

Lucy: We would eat at the Rosty because it’s like down the road from the Lodge Room.

Elise: And somehow Sleater-Kinney would play there. The opening band would probably start around 9pm or so and then finish around midnight.

12:00 p.m.: Watch Home Alone and eat Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Lucy: Then we each got a pint of ice cream Jeni’s wonderful ice cream.

Mila: We’d better not have school the next day.

Bella: You like Brambleberry Crisp.

Mila: I like the Savannah Buttertermint one. This is seasonal but on our ideal Sunday they would have.

Lucy: Eloise likes the Brown Butter Almond Brittle. My favorite is the Wildberry Lavender.

Mila: I would fall asleep during the movie and in the car. I would eat my ice cream later.

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