Michael Clarke, Jade Yarbrough, Karl Stefanovic video: Noosa boss breaks silence

The chef who served Michael Clarke and Jade Yarbrough on video the night they clashed amid claims the cricketer cheated on them has spoken out.

Andrea Ravezzani, the chef and owner of Italian restaurant Noosa Waterfront, recalled the celebrity couple and their dining companions, Jasmine and Karl Stefanovic, as being perfectly suave.

Little did they know that this peaceful dining experience would be the calm before the storm, as a dramatic altercation would unfold later that evening.

The riot started when Karl and Jasmine, as well as the famous accountant Anthony Bell, joined Clarke and Jade for dinner in Noosa.

This was previously reported to have taken place on January 10th, but Mr Ravezzani believes it was in fact January 13th.

It is understood that Clarke’s ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards, the famous fashion designer, and Jade were dating, which sparked the confrontation between them.

The footage shows a shirtless Clarke limping in a park surrounded by a group trying to calm the situation while an angry Jade yells at him and then punches him in the face.

“You fucked her on December 17th… You fucked here, you damn dog,” Jade yells.

Clarke replies, “Baby you’re wrong, you’re wrong.”

Mr Ravezzani told the Sunshine Coast’s FM Radio Hot 91: “Yes, they were there at dinner on Friday night, they weren’t fighting over the prawns or anything.”

His restaurant specializes in seafood, with delicacies such as soft-shell crab, fresh octopus, oysters, and shrimp.

Mr Ravezzani added that he was not aware of the later blast until friends from Europe broke the news to them when it surfaced in The Daily Telegraph, saying the couples were “doing fine” at the restaurant.

Amid the resulting media storm emerged a series of “tense” photos taken just days before the couple’s argument.

The pictures show the couple in what appears to be a strained exchange at the $10million waterfront mansion in Noosa, where they stayed with their sister and brother-in-law Jasmine and Karl while on holiday.

The pictures were taken on January 8 – days before Jade five months before Jade accused her boyfriend of cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards in a very public argument.

In the new pictures, Jade, 30, can be seen visibly upset on a step in the backyard of the holiday home.

The interior designer, wearing dark sunglasses, sits with her head in her hands – a distinct frown on her face.

Former Australian Test cricket captain Clarke crouches beside her and appears to be speaking to her, although his face is not visible.

In another photo, Clarke – wearing only black shorts and a white cap – can be seen helping Jade get up from the step.

While a third shows Jade walking away while Clarke appears to be trying to wrap his arms around her waist.

Jade has not been seen since video published by The Daily Telegraph surfaced on Wednesday showing her in an angry argument with Clarke.

The clip shows Jade punching Clarke while she yells at him and calls him a “damn dog,” while Karl Stefanovic and his wife Jasmine try to intervene.

Friends of Jade told The Daily Telegraph that she was “disturbed and embarrassed” by the video.

Meanwhile, Clarke has been trying to salvage his relationship, reportedly phoning Jade into the early hours of Thursday morning.

Originally released as the chef serving Michael Clarke and Jade Yarbrough on the night of the riot breaks the silence

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