The All-New Nissan Qashqai – Blue Exterior

Nissan has once again raised the bar for small SUVs with an all-new Qashqai that’s even roomier than before and features a new turbocharged petrol engine with more power and torque, improved fuel economy and lower emissions. Written at Nissan Design Europe studios in London and developed at Nissan Technical Center in Bedfordshire, UK, the new Qashqai is also the first vehicle in the world to use Nissan’s innovative CMF-C architecture, which incorporates a 48 percent higher structural rigidity. In terms of construction, the body-in-white uses lighter materials and advanced stamping and welding techniques to not only increase strength but also reduce weight. The tailgate of the Qashqai is now made of a composite material for the first time, which saves a further 2.6 kg. Central to the technical vision was maintaining the current Qashqai’s proportions, which are ‘just right’ and key to its success, meaning it will navigate city streets with ease and fit into parking spaces with ease, while still offering excellent interior space . The front and rear doors, front fenders and bonnet are now all made of aluminium, resulting in weight savings, and the overall benefit for customers, thanks to all the advanced manufacturing techniques, is that the entire body-in-white remains 60kg lighter and 41 per cent stiffer than the previous model.

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