Internet horrified by chunk of ‘throbbing meat’

What’s the quickest way to become a vegan?

The answer might be watching this throbbing meat video that prompted many people to change their diet and become vegan.

Because the meat made a roast beef shake.

What Causes Fresh Meat to Cramp?

According to Scientific American, this beef zombification occurs when nerve endings in freshly cut meat are activated by sodium ions, causing muscles to contract. Adding salt to freshly cut muscle causes cramps.

Why does meat twitch with salt?

University health experts confirm that extra sodium (the salt) sends ions to the cell, causing it to open up, creating a cascade of chemical activities that fire up the cell. This leads to muscle twitching.

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The social media reaction

Here’s what people had to say about the flesh cramp on social media:

one Twitter user posted:

To be honest – I can watch a lot of vegetarian/vegan horror videos of factory farming etc. BUT… that actually gets on my nerves more… maybe I’ve been going meatless for a few days now.

Others commented that they are going vegan or “stop eating meat”.

While some have added GIFs of people shaking or throwing up.

The fact is, many people are horrified when reminded that the product on their plate comes from an animal.

Not the first moving meat video

Last year, a stop-motion video of what appeared to be live raw chicken breasts sliding around a cutting board went viral on TikTok.

Though the flesh didn’t actually move on its own, social media users were disturbed.

Reactions to the video ranged from “that was traumatizing” and “I don’t like the chicken snail” to “how the chicken sacrificed itself halfway” and “that’s why I don’t eat meat”. Many comments seem to respond to the frighteningly lifelike quality of the chicken breast — something many people prefer not to consider when cooking or eating meat.

Compiled by: Asanda Mbayimbayi

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