Office cakes are compared to passive smoking and we must revolt!

The office cake is one of the reasons we all trudged back into the office, right? Sure, being in the office means we’re further away from our fridges, comfiest blankets and lounges, and closer to our office enemies and ridiculous office air conditioners, but there’s cake.

All kinds of cakes! Chocolate, biscuit, vanilla, red velvet. If you’re lucky, the frosting will be creamy and the cake moist. If you’re unlucky, your co-worker is allergic to gluten and the cake tastes like stale bread.

Personally, I would never dream of eating cake at home on a random Wednesday, but if it’s Debra from Accounts birthday and there’s cake at the office at 11, give me a fork.

It has always felt harmless and was one of the few joys left in business, but now the head of Britain’s Food Standards Agency has gone and compared it to secondhand smoke.

Excuse me? SBS reported that Professor Susan Jebb said: “If nobody brought cakes to the office, I wouldn’t be eating cakes that day, but because people bring cakes, I eat them. Okay, I’ve made my choice, but people have made their choice to go to a smoky pub.”

did you have to do that I understand what she is saying. Cake in the office is a temptation that we would all normally avoid if it weren’t put in front of us. Who can say no to a piece of friendly-looking biscuit?

I understand that the goal for all of us should be to eat less sugar and less fat and do more cross-fit or whatever the trainers call it The biggest losers yelled for the participants to do.

However, I have to draw a line when vetoing cake. Yes, cake has calories, but it also brings people together.

The way offices usually work is that we all sit at our little desks with our heads stuck in our computers and barely speak to each other.

Just when you start a new job you can feel overwhelmingly lonely and then a hero comes along, and that hero is a pastry and a woman who says, “Anna from HR is turning 30, I mean 21!” And everyone does it as if they were laughing.

Cake is what gets people out of their office chairs and into their party chat mode. You talk, you laugh, and yes, sometimes you gossip.

I’ve met some of my office soulmates over a piece of cake and even formed important working relationships.

There’s also something about seeing your boss brushing crumbs off his shirt that makes him appear more sympathetic and might give you the courage you need to ask for a raise.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, most Australians experience loneliness at some point in their lives. 1 in 3 Australians said they felt lonely at some point between 2001 and 2009.

Basically, it’s not far-fetched to say that people need ways to connect with others, and yes, it might even be worth the sugar pound.

I wish for the end of many office trends! Why does someone’s month-old food always rot in a Tupperware container in the fridge? Why is the air conditioner either too hot or too cold? But cake! No, I’m following a Marie Antoinette approach. Let them eat cake!

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