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The year 2022 ended on a high note, Lady Du touring the UK alongside two award winners, who had the opportunity to get a glimpse into their world and experience performing in front of a completely different audience than the artist was used to at home.

The tour was another successful partnership with their longtime sponsor Bulldog Gin.

When Lady Du packs for a tour, whether at home, on the continent or across the ocean, she packs a few essentials, including her prized Bulldog Gin. She said: “My essentials are performance outfits, cell phone, makeup and my hair (wigs). These are all non-negotiable as it is important that I look good.”

She always looks incredible and flawless. Lady Du is an accomplished performer and a musical ambassador and treasure for South Africa. Lady Du said her traveling companions were a highlight of the trip, adding, “It was incredible to be able to perform in a different environment where I found new fans. It’s amazing to know that your music is being embraced in different places/countries.”

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It is important to her to educate foreign audiences about her music, about Amapiano, her roots and what defines the genre. She said: “When I’m performing in different geographical locations, I try to focus on teaching my music and making sure they (the audience) understand the message my music is conveying.

Most of my music is a message to people, which allows me to adapt to different audiences as most of them can relate to the stories I tell.”

She was a bit nervous before going on stage in a foreign country too. She said: “I only get nervous when I perform to a new audience in another country where they don’t necessarily understand my music. Otherwise I don’t get nervous. This is a craft that I am passionate about and constantly improving every day.”

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And when you think about it, her career and path to advancement spoke volumes. She first learned to DJ when she was about ten years old and later, as success slowly set in, she worked in her father’s auto repair shop to earn an income and support her career.

She believes that a person’s background need not hinder or benefit an aspiring artist’s career, it depends on you and what you do to achieve your goals. She was quoted as saying, “Find your light. It starts with you.”

While the music industry has changed significantly over the past two decades, it has on the one hand left compact discs and other dinosaur technologies behind, and with it changed the way music is marketed and consumed. The media, Lady Du said, has also played a positive and big role in the development of new artists.

She said: “I think we’ve gotten to a point where we’ve broken down some barriers. Thanks to social media, we can market our music without additional public relations costs.

We can also have a successful career away from radio (airplay). I think for the future artists we paved a path that makes it easier for them to enter the industry and have the opportunity to have a successful career without the many barriers that we had.”

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