Twitter may soon show employer badges on personal accounts

Twitter is experimenting with a new affiliate badge feature that links employees to their employer’s account handle.

Essentially, the feature would visually link an employee’s account to the employer’s account handle on the social media platform.

When the icon is clicked, a user is redirected to the employer’s official handle.

Twitter’s new affiliate badges

The news was shared by Esther Crawford, a product writer at Twitter. Crawford explains: “[Affiliate badges] are a new way to connect accounts.”

Crawford – whose personal account is linked to her employer’s – said the early access waitlist is open to businesses.

The feature was initially discussed and criticized a lot Twitter blue for businesswhich has since been renamed to Verification for Organizations.

Journalists test the new feature

Several journalists at the daily mirror just testing the feature.

Aside from the verified blue marks, the mirror icon can now be seen alongside the Twitter handles of Alison Phillips, Mikey Smith, Lizzy Buchan, and more.

    Twitter Affiliate Badges Employers
Daily Mirror staff on Twitter

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There are also other cases for this function, such as B. the various spin-off accounts of a company or publisher linked to the main handle.

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema’s Twitter handle also links to his club, as do Antonio Rüdiger, Luka Modrić and others.

If the feature announcedTwitter said, “This is an incredible moment for organizations to further integrate their connected individuals, businesses and brands into the DNA of Twitter.”

Twitter badge
Photo: Twitter

Is it worth?

Director of Nieman journalism laboratory, Joshua Benton said that affiliate badges are fine in the vast majority of cases. But… and there is always a “but”:

“When someone digs up an embarrassing old tweet from a reporter, their current employer stands right there and seems to give it a seal of approval,” Benton adds.

“Even in milder cases, many reporters tweet about a mix of work and non-work topics – will newsrooms want to formalize their 24/7 social affiliation?”

Ad-free Twitter subscription

In other news, Twitter owner Elon Musk recently announced a more expensive subscription for an ad-free experience on the social media platform.

Musk tweeted over the weekend, “Advertising is too common on Twitter and too big. Taking steps to address both in the coming weeks.”

He said for those who choose to use the feature, “there will be a more expensive subscription that will not allow ads.”

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