Twitter sued for ‘unpaid rent’ for London office

Twitter’s UK landlord said Tuesday he is taking social media to court for failing to pay the rent on his central London offices.

The Crown Estate, a company that manages land and property belonging to the British monarchy, said it had brought an action in the High Court over rent arrears on an office space near Piccadilly Circus.

A representative said he had previously contacted Twitter and is currently in talks with the company.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, bought Twitter for $44 billion (£35 billion) in October last year.

He laid off half the workforce and reportedly stopped paying rent on office space to try to raise funds after taking on massive debt to buy the company.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday that the landlord of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters has sued the company for allegedly not paying nearly $6.8 million in rent for December and January.

Twitter has a London office in a complex on Air Street called Air W1, which is leased by the Crown Estate.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the signs and logos were removed from Twitter, but an employee said the company still has a presence there.

Twitter UK started using this office in 2014, according to Companies House, which lists this as a registered address.

The Crown Estate is an independently managed portfolio of monarchy land, property and other assets.

Its commercial earnings go to the Treasury and the monarch receives an annual allowance of 15 percent of his profits, known as the Sovereign Grant.

The Crown Estate says it has more than 2.6 million square feet (241,550 square meters) of office space in central London.

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